Tuesday, July 05, 2005


EXIT Realty and EYE-View

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – K&A Wireless, LLC (http://www.ka-wireless.com) announces the appointment of K&A into EXIT Realty’s preferred vendor program. EXIT is one of the most dynamic real estate franchises and is continually looking for new ways to help their franchisees get more listings and sell more homes to be successful in the grueling, highly competitive real estate market. K&A’s EYE-View™ system allows the realtor to transmit video images of a home across the internet, to a remote client, in real time, using a simple camcorder and a wireless link. EYE-View™ is ideal for relocation and hot housing, where TIMING IS EVERYTHING, and is a key Internet-based marketing tool that is becoming a total image management system. “After seeing K&A’s EYE-View in action, I believe this system will create an exciting level of live interaction with out of town buyers. Here is another fine example of leading edge technology available to EXIT agents and brokers…” said Reinder Kuntz, Vice President of Graphics and Ancillary Services. “We are very excited with the opportunity to work with and help the EXIT Realty group. We have a unique capability that will set them apart in the market and give them a sustainable competitive advantage, which we think is most difficult to achieve as a realtor…” said Kamil Agi, President-CEO of K&A Wireless.

For more information on EYE-View, please go to http://realtors.eye-view.com.

You can find the complete press release at:

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Welcome to Technology for Realtors

K&A Wireless, LLC designs, develops and manufactures the wireless and IP technologies and products that bring a new immediacy and capacity to capture video information. We help clients improve their performance in mission-critical tasks and operations by acquiring video from anywhere and sending it to anywhere.

To enter the Real Estate market, K&A Wireless developed EYE-View (realtors.eye-view.com), an internet based REAL TIME video transmission system. EYE-View takes video from a camcorder and transmits the video images across the internet, where it is viewed by a client on their computer and a high speed internet connection.

Using EYE-View is as easy as connecting a transmitter to a camcorder, connecting an antenna, and pushing a button. SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE. EYE-View is ideal for relocation or hot housing markets where timing is everything.

It is the next step beyond virtual tours. Any comments?

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