Thursday, February 24, 2005


Welcome to Technology for Realtors

K&A Wireless, LLC designs, develops and manufactures the wireless and IP technologies and products that bring a new immediacy and capacity to capture video information. We help clients improve their performance in mission-critical tasks and operations by acquiring video from anywhere and sending it to anywhere.

To enter the Real Estate market, K&A Wireless developed EYE-View (, an internet based REAL TIME video transmission system. EYE-View takes video from a camcorder and transmits the video images across the internet, where it is viewed by a client on their computer and a high speed internet connection.

Using EYE-View is as easy as connecting a transmitter to a camcorder, connecting an antenna, and pushing a button. SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE. EYE-View is ideal for relocation or hot housing markets where timing is everything.

It is the next step beyond virtual tours. Any comments?

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